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Hot And Bold Natural Amethyst Reiki Feng-Shui Crystal Gem Stone Beads Bracelets For Women

₹499.00 ₹2,999.00 Prime Lowest: ₹499.00
Hot And Bold

  • Amethyst Is A Powerful And Protective Stone. It Guards Against Psychic Attack, Transmuting The Energy Into Love And Protecting The Wearer From All Types Of Harm, Including Geopathic Or Electromagnetic Stress And Ill Wishes From Others. Amethyst Is A Natural Tranquiliser, It Relieves Stress And Strain, Soothes Irritability, Balances Mood Swings, Dispels Anger, Rage, Fear And Anxiety. Alleviates Sadness And Grief, And Dissolves Negativity
  • Amethyst Activates Spiritual Awareness, Opens Intuition And Enhances Psychic Abilities. It Has Strong Healing And Cleansing Powers. Amethyst Encourages Sobriety, Having A Sobering Effect On Overindulgence Of Alcohol, Drugs Or Other Addictions. It Calms And Stimulates The Mind, Helping You Become More Focused, Enhancing Memory And Improving Motivation. Amethyst Assists In Remembering And Understanding Dreams. It Relieves Insomnia. Encourages Selflessness And Spiritual Wisdom
  • You Can Use The Bracelet To Channel Your Focus Into Keeping Your Chakras Open And Healthy. Your Mind, Body, And Soul Are All Connected In A Beautiful Circular Manner And Having Awareness Of Each Chakra Can Help Heal Imbalances In One Area Of The Body And Bring All Of The Others Back Into Balance
  • A Simple, Beautiful And Inspirational Gift For Someone Special (Mom / Dad /Sister / Brother / Love / Girlfriend / Boyfriend). The Quality Of Unique Jewellery Is Excellent A Piece That Others Will Admire. Suitable For Party, Date, Shopping And All Other Occasions
  • 3 Months Warranty - Your Hot And Bold Jewellery Is Warranted For A Period Of Three Months From The Original Date Of Purchase. Warranty Covers Materials And Manufacturing Defect. Product Will Be Repaired Or Replaced Free Of Component And Labour Charges

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